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PlaySpan is a payments company whose payments platform handles transactions for digital goods in online games, digital media, and social networks around the world. The company allows merchants to monetize their content using a broad suite of payment and commerce-related solutions in fraud, risk management, analytics, merchandizing and global payment connectivity.

Jared warns potential buyers on, "My experience with PlaySpan "company" was horrible. The customer service is rude, they treat the customer 2nd. The website does not work correctly. I had trouble getting through to support. I ended up losing $25 from them, PlaySpan basically ripped me off. BUYER BEWARE. If you have any way to avoid it, stay away from this deplorable organization."


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Current Employee - Sowtware Engineer says

"Low Salary Bad Managers, they believe to keep team in trouble. Managers are unprofessional and can pass kiddish comments over email and team chat anytime."


"The experts within the company are rarely consulted on a project before a feature set and timeline are committed to. Quick hacks are done to get a project out the door and rarely fixed later. Urgent issues are ignored until they become crises. Important projects with fixed delivery dates are sometimes sat on until there isn't enough time left to do them right. The few members of management who do know what they're doing are so overworked that it can be hard to get what you need from them. There's a lot of management by intimidation and temper tantrums going on. Some managers regularly yell at each other and their subordinates. Trying to use vacation time feels like asking a manager to give you a vital organ. There's constant pressure to work more and more hours. Management is still acting like the company is a start up who can only get business by delivering everything in one tenth the time of competitors. Management decisions are sometimes politically motivated with no regard for the merits of the choices. There's a steady exodus of the most talented people. The employment screening process is nowhere near rigorous enough. People who don't have the knowledge to do a job are hired then turned loose with very little training or oversight. Meanwhile management looks like they're trying to drive out the best people."


"Unfortunately, none of those talented folks are in a position of authority. The management team is full of themselves, and they think they know more than they actually do. The arrogance has gotten worse since Visa has purchased PlaySpan. There is very little coordination between engineering teams, which makes everything that is built a kludge. Projects are never finished to completion, so most things are left at being 50-75% done when folks are force to move onto the next project."


"Unfortunately, it's run horribly. Most employees are hired as part-time interns and then worked way more than 40 hours a week. Upper management is amazingly cheap. Nothing is documented, and things only run because they're hacked together at the last minute to overcome the complete lack of architectural planning, or significant planning of any kind. The management style is best described as "openly hostile", and they also claim to have a "flat" organization -- which means, in practice, that executives will steal people from one another's projects constantly. And also means that the CEO meddles directly in everything. And if you interview there, expect to be pressured to sign an offer letter before you leave -- be sure you get *everything* you negotiate down in writing before you do, too."


"No personal growth in term of technicality, software used are not upto date"


"Still run like a start up.. they are working on providing more structure. Shouting. Too much pressure at times. Almost everyone works extra hrs regularly. They are so used to it now that they do not even notice it."


"Management isn't the best and can be quite rude and disrespectful."

Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"more load, less spacious, no canteen facility"

Web Quality Assurance says

"Too much work and less payment"